5 Minutes FAQ about Thermomix

1. Is Thermomix only suitable for people who can’t cook?

On the contrary, Thermomix is suitable for everyone – rookie cooks who are still learning, home chefs who cook daily but want faster cooking or experiment new dishes, and even professional chefs who may use Thermomix to save time for specialised food preparation and cooking.

Thermomix is suitable for a people living alone, and even larger families who need to prepare three meals a day. With a bit of creativity, 3-4 dishes can be cooked at the same time!

2. Can I cook Asian food with Thermomix?
With the growing popularity of Thermomix in Asia, there is now a huge database of Asian recipes. There are specialised Cook Books focusing on only Asian dishes, and many of these recipes also comes in the Recipe Chips format, which allowing everyone to learn new dishes very quickly with guided cooking. You can easily cook a sweet and sour dish, a stir fry, steamed fish and many other dishes. With only 2 minutes, you can even make fresh pasta/noodles at home using the dough kneading function.

3. Is Thermomix easy to use?
Absolutely. The Thermomix is very easy to operate. Just add ingredients, adjust the cooking time, temperature, speed, or follow the step-by-step guidance of the recipe chip to cook. The automatic function takes it a step further by automating cooking of food like yogurt and rice. From the preparation of ingredients, adding of seasoning, every step of the cooking process can be guided. The in-built weighing scale, temperature control, speed, time setting functions, allows cooking with precised controls. Thermomix can guarantee cooking success for even the uninitiated.

4. What are the features of Thermomix?
Thermomix combines 12 kitchen appliances functions into one small footprint allowing you to do : steaming, cooking, frying, grinding, chopping, blending, kneading, whipping, mixing, weighing, melting, emulsifying! Thermomix can help you control the ingredients that goes into the food – perfect for people with allergies and dietary concerns. Thermomix is the Future of Cooking!

5. Is Thermomix cooked food healthier?
When you cook with Thermomix, there is no fumes circulating in the kitchen and at home. Conventional wok cooking uses high heat and generate carcinogens which can significantly increase levels” of the toxicants acrolein and crotonaldehyde, substances which can attack a person’s DNA and result in cancer. Thermomix is designed to use low heat to gently cook food to preserve nutrients in the ingredients.

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