Make Malay Dishes using the Thermomix® Varoma PerfectFit

Designed to perfectly fit your Thermomix, the possibilities of what to cook with the Varoma PerfectFit are endless!

Try making some Malay Dishes with the Varoma PerfectFit! Every item in the useful Varoma PerfectFit 6pc set is specially designed to fit exactly into the Varoma dish and tray – no shifting of parts, perfect fit, ensuring cooking results are top notched every time! When we cook using the Varoma tray and dish, we are making use of the steam generated in the mixing bowl to cook the stacked layers in the Varoma dish above the lid! Think about flavours at every layer and how fast and convenient it is to cook many dishes in one go! In under an hour, rice, soup, vegetables and a meat dish can cooked simultaneously – saving you time and effort to cook and clean up!

Below is an example of how we can have many dishes done using the Varoma Perfect Fit set and steaming to cook a 4-in-1 meal consisting of : Talam Berlauk which is a savory steamed rice cake; the Pais Ikan Selar, a spicy fish dish wrapped in banana leaf; and Asam Rebus, a hot and spicy soup that looks unassuming but packs a punch!

These recipes are shared with thanks to Yatee Saniff.

Talam Berlauk

img 9886
Talam Berlauk by Thermomix®


3 Peeled Garlic sliced
6 Peeled Shallots sliced


30g Olive Oli
Minced Beef 235g
Grounded White Pepper 1tbsp
Salt 1tsp
Minced Ginger 2tsp
1tsp Babas Meat Curry Powder

INGREDIENTS C (for the Bottom):

3tbsp Soaked Udang Kering
Half yellow onion


Rice Flour 150g
Cornflour 3 tbsp
Coconut Cream 1 small box 200g
2 tsp rock salt
Water 650g


Daun Sup Sliced
Daun Bawang Sliced
Red Chilli Sliced


  1. Saute Ingredient A. Set aside once it is done.
  2. Saute Ingredient B. 8m/120°C/ Speed Spoon Reverse. Set aside and drain oil
  3. Chop Ingredients C for 10sec / Sp8
  4. Add Ingredients D,. Blend Ingredients C & D for 20s / Sp6 to sp10
  5. Cook Ingredients C & D for 10minutes/ 80 °C /Speed 3. Set aside when the mixture finishes cooking
  6. Boil 1 litre Water using Kettle Mode
  7. Pour the cooked talam in a the Thermomix® steaming tray or any metal dish or into an oiled Varoma Silicon mould and placed into the varoma dish and tray. Garnish the top of the talam with cooked beef and sprinkle Ingredients E herbs and sliced chilli on top of the talam*
  8. Set the Varoma dish and steam 10-15minutes/ Varoma / Sp 2
  9. *Tip : To ensure good circulation of steam to reach the upper varoma tray of food to be steamed, we recommend the use of Varoma Trivet to be placed under the steaming tray/dish placed inside the Varoma dish

Pais Ikan Selar

img 9889 2
Pais Ikan Selar by Thermomix®

2pcs Ikan Selar (Big)
Cut Clean and make 3 slits on body

1 Peeled onion
3 Peeled garlics
4 Peeled shallots
1 Thumb-sized ginger
2 Lemongrass half bottom -sliced
20g cooking oIl
6-8 Tbsp home-made chilli boh
1tbsp asam paste
1.5 tsp salt
Half tsp sugar
3pcs Limau Kasturl – juice onlv


Daun Kesum Leaves only – no need to cut
Daun Selasth Leaves only – no need to cut
Daun Kunyit cut very thin slices

Daun Pisang (Cleaned banana leaves)
Ikan Selar (Kembong or yellow tail fish)


  1. Blend A at 30seconds/Sp6 to 10
  2. Add B. Mix using spatula
  3. Set mixture aside. In a clean bowl, add 1 litre water, follow the marker in the bowl
  4. Turn to Kettle Mode and heat up water to the max
  5. Place the fishes on the banana leaf, spread the chilli mixture onto the banana leaf layered with the fishes and on to each fish. Fold the sides of the leave with toothpicks to seal
  6. Place the wrapped fishes into the Steaming tray (or any steaming dish) and place on the varoma dish to steam 10m /Varoma /Sp 2
  7. Heat up a frying pan and grill the steamed wrapped fish or place it into the oven to grill until the leaves outside are slightly charred

Asam Rebus

img 9892 2
Asam Rebus by Thermomix®



3 Garlic
3 Shallots
30g Udang Kering (Soaked)
2 – 4 Chili Merah
3 – 6 Chili Padi
2cm Belachan


Add 600g water
2 – 3 tbsp Asam Paste (as required)
1 – 2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
Pinch of Tumeric Powder
Corns (as required), chopped


Long beans (cut)
Pre-fried Tahu (cut)


  1. Blend Ingredients A 10seconds/sp10
  2. Boil Ingredients B 8minutes/120°C/Speed Spoon
  3. Add ingredients C: 3minutes/120°C/Speed Spoon
  4. Add pre-fried Tahu at the end, as cooking is completed

    NOTE: The asam rebus is used to steam the fish and talam

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