New Thermomix® Owner Start Up Guide

Congratulations on your decision to own a Thermomix®! As the World’s original inventor of Smart All-in-One multi-cooker, as well as, running the biggest cooking community with the largest library of recipes, we aim to keep you constantly inspired to cook! Easier cooking and healthier eating is our mission!

While awaiting for the delivery of your Thermomix®, watch these videos to prepare for your unboxing session on how to start using Thermomix® as well as signing up for the vast recipe digital library of Cookidoo®.

For unlimited cooking inspiration, sign up for Cookidoo®. Find out how to get your free mobile apps here.

Cookidoo® is Thermomix® official digital recipe portal, with a constantly growing number of recipes. Every recipe has been designed by the Thermomix® recipe development team to work perfectly with the Thermomix® TM5™ and TM6™. Each Cookidoo® recipe guide users from ingredients preparation until the dish is completed – with clear instructions and preset cooking settings that precisely guides you to cook every dish the way it should to produce consistently successful and great tasting results.

To access Cookidoo® at ease on your Thermomix®, please ensure :
1) Your Thermomix® TM6 is able to access to your home WIFI
2) Activate your Cookidoo® sign up email account (tip : note down the email account that is used for signing up your Cookidoo® account)
3) Watch the video below on how to sign up for Cookidoo®
4) You can also download your user manual for Thermomix® TM6 from here .

How to Sign up a Thermomix® Cookidoo® Account

Watch the cooking modes and functions videos and be inspired with the delicious cooking possibilities with your Thermomix®.

Let the Thermomix® community’s cooking gurus and chefs inspire you with delicious food that can be prepared with the Thermomix® in this video playlist.
(Note: The video below plays continuously as a playlist and there are over 200 videos!)

Thermomix® Cooking Video Playlist

For free resources on recipes, tutorials, cooking tips and updates, do visit these free Thermomix® online resources and follow us!

Thermomix® Singapore Facebook Page
Thermomix® Singapore Instagram Page
Thermomix® Singapore Youtube Channel
Thermomix® Singapore TikTok Channel
Thermomix® Singapore Telegram
Thermomix® Truly Asian User Community Group
Thermomix® Cookidoo for Singapore users

Caring Tips for your Thermomix® TM6
Watch these series of videos to learn more about how to care and maintain your Thermomix® at its best condition so it will do its job to last a long time to serve you and your family.

Redeem your Purchase & Host gifts
Invite 3 or more non-Thermomix® households to a cooking demo (or your unboxing session) within 30 days of purchasing your Thermomix®. Ask your Thermomix® Advisor about how to claim your free Purchase & Host gifts.

Passionate about the benefits of cooking with Thermomix®? Join us!
Turn your passion for good food into a rewarding career with us. Contact your Advisor or click here for more information!

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