Thermomix® Cooking Experience + Mooncake!

With the Thermomix®, you can cook healthy and nutritious meals for the whole family. By adding Kale into your meals, you can have balanced meals all day to meet your daily vegetables intake!

Watch how our hosts, Sew Chin and Ginny show you how to elevate the signature dishes from our demo menu. Feel free to cook along with our hosts, as they guide you through the complete experience step-by-step.

Here are the recipes:

A big thank you to Sustenir who supplied us our kale, cherry tomatoes, and herbs used in our cooking experience.

The dishes cooked are adapted from our Thermomix® Experience Menu on Cookidoo® :

Lemonade with Kale

and add 50g of raw kale

img 0500
High Temp Stir-Fried Prawns with Linguine, Garnished with High Temp Stir-fried kale

High Temp Stir-Fried prawns (extend if your prawns are large like ours)

Linguine (add oil from garlic crisp and prawns)

Garlic crisp

High Temp Stir-fried kale (2.5min)

img 0479
Mantou & Pumpkin soup with saffron

Mantou (replace water with Kale extract)

Pumpkin soup with saffron (add some strands in)

img 0478
img 0518

Mochi Mooncakes

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