Durian Mochi Mooncake

Mochi snow skin is the in-trend mooncake skin this year for #makeyourown mooncakes. We challenge you to elevate your mooncakes to another level by adding fruit fillings!

We’ve gone for the 👑 king of fruits – durian! Whether you’re camp MSW, D24, D13 or red prawn, you can choose the type you like for 💯 delish durian mooncakes wrapped in the QQ chewy mochi skin.

Check out this link for Thermomix recipes for various types of mooncakes.

To make Durian Mochi Mooncake, follow these instructions

Mochi snowskin recipe

Durian Filling recipe

• 250g durian puree (or fresh durian blend 30sec, speed 8)
• 15g Icing sugar
• 20g Cooked glutinous rice flour (Pan fry for 5mins or dry bake in oven until light yellow)
• 30g cooking oil

1. Blend the durian for 30sec / speed 8
2. Add all other ingredients, cook 5mins / 90c / speed 2.5 (adding the flour and oil through the lid hole gradually with a spoon)
3. Cool to room temperature then weigh and portion out, cling wrapped into balls and freeze at least for 2 hours
4. Prepare the mooncake skin
5. Wrap the frozen filling ball into the skin dough
6. Shape and press into a dusted mooncake mould
7. Serve immediately or place into the fridge to chill at least 30min prior to serving

1. Use fresh durian for best results
2. Keep the mooncake mould well dusted to prevent sticking
3. Use a cling to wrap the wrap each ball of durian filling as this holds the shape
4. Amount of filling and skin dough depends on your mould size – using 50% for skin, 50% for filling as a guide initially, reduce when you are apt at wrapping to 60:40 (filling vs skin)
5. This recipe makes 10 pieces of 50g mooncakes

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