Make Mooncakes With Thermomix®

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month each year. Mooncakes are commonly eaten on this day as the roundness of the pastry symbolises reunion. In the recent years, mooncakes are being introduced in more variations and they can easily burn a hole in your wallet. This year, why not try making your own?
Making your own mooncakes with the Thermomix® means you can adjust the sweetness level based on personal preferences, avoid harmful preservatives, and try different types of skin and filling combination! Sounds good?
Unleash your creativity and let’s make some mooncakes!

使用 Thermomix® 亲手做月饼意味着您可以根据个人喜好调整甜度,避免有害身体的防腐剂,并且尝试不同的饼皮和馅料。听起来不错吧?

Durian Mochi Mooncake

Thermomix Durian Mochi Mooncakes

3Q Mooncakes | 台灣3Q月餅

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Jelly Art Mooncakes

Thermomix sg jelly art mooncakes recipe and instructions

Mochi Snow Skin Mooncakes | 麻薯冰皮月饼

Strawberry Ice Cream Mooncakes | 草莓冰淇淋月饼

Thermomix Strawberry Ice Cream Mooncake
Thermomix® Strawberry Ice Cream Mooncake

Chocolate Truffle Mooncake 巧克力冰皮月饼

Thermomix Singapore Chocolate Truffle Mooncake
Thermomix® Singapore Chocolate Truffle Mooncake

Snow Skin Mooncake 莲蓉冰皮小兔 & Taiwanese-style Flaky Mooncake 台湾脆皮月饼

Kale Snow Skin Mooncake

Teochew Flaky Skin Mooncake 潮州酥皮月饼

Taiwanese Flaky 3Q Mooncakes台式3Q月饼

Thermomix Taiwanese Flaky 3Q Mooncake
Thermomix® Taiwanese Flaky 3Q Mooncake

Cooking Red Bean Paste for Mooncakes using Thermomix®红豆陷

Thermomix Singapore Red Bean Paste for Mooncake Recipe
Thermomix® Singapore Red Bean Paste for Mooncake Recipe

Cooking White Lotus Paste for Mooncakes using Thermomix® | 白莲蓉馅

Thermomix White Lotus Paste Recipe
Thermomix White Lotus Paste recipe

White Lotus Paste

Thermomix® Traditional Mooncake Recipe 传统月饼

Make these traditional mooncakes using your Thermomix®. You’ll only need 2 minutes to knead the dough! 家里有台美善品,您只需2分钟就能用揉面团的功能制作出美味的传统月饼皮。再加上自制的内线,您将会很惊讶自制的月饼会如此美味!以后肯定不会再花钱买月饼哦!

thermomix traditional mooncakes
Thermomix® Traditional Mooncakes

Durian Snow Skin Mooncake by Thermomix® 榴莲冰皮月饼

Japanese Sweet Potato Skin Mooncake by Thermomix® 日本紫薯冰皮月饼

Thermomix® Shanghai Cheese Mooncake 上海白莲蓉芝士月饼

There are also other mooncake recipes on the award winning recipe platform, Cookidoo®. Check them out here!

获奖的食谱平台,Cookidoo® 上还有其他的月饼食谱哦。点击此处查看。

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