Self-Help : Unboxing and getting started with the Thermomix®

Congratulations on owning a Thermomix® TM6!
We understand sometimes you may have been gifted with a Thermomix® and you may be at a loss on how to get started or you may have forgotten details after your unboxing session and require a refresher course! This long video will guide you to get started to cook like a pro with your Thermomix®!

If you have an Advisor to assist you with a in-person unboxing session, you may get a quick run for preparation through here prior to the actual session. After you have completed your in-person session, this article is a good resource to reinforce what you have learnt during your personalised unboxing session earlier.

Remember, every customer is entitled to a personalised guided unboxing service at least once and unlimited cooking advice and support from your dedicated Advisor throughout your Thermomix® cooking journey. Contact us for technical support and other matters here. Please get details related to your device serial number and sales order reference number ready. Download your Thermomix® TM6 user manual here.

In this long video session, we will cover the following
1) What is in the box
2) Part & accessories usage including care & maintenance
3) Cooking methods
4) Cleaning & safety

Note: This 1h20min video is a complete guided unboxing tutorial meant for your reference and NOT A SUBSTITUTE for your personalised unboxing service. Every customer is entitled to a free personal unboxing service when you purchase your Thermomix®, done for you by your dedicated Thermomix® Advisor who will also be supporting you throughout your Thermomix® cooking journey.

0:001:18 Setting Up your Cookidoo® Account for endless cooking ideas. Find out how to download your free Cookidoo® mobile app here.
1:195:00 What’s in your Thermomix® box?
5:018:10 The perfect spot for your Thermomix®
8:1110:54 Beginning your Thermomix® setup & Software Update
10:5513:04 Care & Maintenance Tips – Base Unit & Cover Plate
13:0520:44 Care & Maintenance Tips – Mixing Bowl & Mixing Knife
20:4524:50 Care & Maintenance Tips – Mixing Bowl Lid & Measuring Cup
24:5128:12 Care & Maintenance Tips – Butterfly Whisk
28:1334:09 Care & Maintenance Tips – Simmering Basket + Spatula
34:1035:01 Care & Maintenance Tips – Splash Guard
35:0241:03 Care & Maintenance Tips – Varoma Set
41:0441:24 Lets Start Cooking…. 3 Ways for effortless food preparation with your Thermomix®
41:2547:29 Manual Cooking
47:3059:40 Automated Feature Mode Cooking
59:411:12:51 Guided Cooking
1:12:521:16:32 Safety Instructions
1:16:331:18:34 Good to Know : basic settings on TM6
1:18:351:19:08 Warranty Information
1:19:091:20:38 Cleaning Tips
1:20:39 … the end

Happy Thermo-mixing and welcome to a lifetime of great food. Do share your Joy of cooking with  the Thermomix®.

Self-Help : Unboxing and getting started with the Thermomix®

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