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Cookidoo® Served 2023 is back! Share & Win Cookidoo® access!

You loved sharing your food milestones with family and friends last year, so we’re excited to announce that Cookidoo® Served is back! This mobile-only snapshot of your Cookidoo® activity is a fascinating insight into the journey you’ve taken with food over the past 12 months. Can you believe Thermomix® users have prepared over 369 million recipes adding up to over 356 million kilos of food and used 5,800 different ingredients?
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Thermomix® Homemade Food gifts : madeleines & piped butter cookies

Make this Christmas a magical one by making your own food gifts for your friends and loved ones! Nothing beats thoughtful homemade food that's made with love. Scrumptious pastries like Madeleines and piped butter cookies (also known as German cookies or Hong Kong style Jenny's Cookies) are expensive when store bought but actually very easy to make from scratch with our Thermomix® following these simply recipes and instructions.
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Bring wow to the table everyday

Thermomix® is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that has taken the culinary and foodie community by storm. With its advanced features and versatility, Thermomix® brings convenience, efficiency, and a touch of wow to your everyday cooking. These are the main benefits unanimously agreed by users how Thermomix® has enhanced their cooking journey.