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Thermomix Mooncakes Recipe

Make Mooncakes With Thermomix®

Do you know you can make your own mooncakes from scratch using your Thermomix®? Making your own means you can adjust the sweetness level based on personal preferences, while avoiding preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients. We have collated all our mooncake recipes here. Try different types and be amazed with how creative you can be with your Thermomix®.
Thermomix White Lotus Paste Recipe

White Lotus Paste for Mooncakes

Lotus seed paste is made from dried lotus seeds and traditionally considered a luxurious ingredient for mooncakes - especially the traditional baked variety. In recent times, ready made lotus pastes are available from baking supplies stores with a variety of flavours such as chocolate, green tea, pu'er, coffee that use lotus paste as a base. During the mid-autumn season, mooncakes can cost up to $20 per piece, but it's so easy, economical and healthier to make our own with our Thermomix® as we can adjust the flavours, sweetness to suit our tastebuds and use special ingredients if there are specific dietary concerns. Here's our tried and tested Thermomix® recipe for you to make your own Lotus Paste. Try it! You'll love it.
Thermomix SG Jelly Art Mooncakes Recipe and Instructions

Thermomix® Jelly Art Mooncakes

A twist to the traditional mooncakes is the Jelly mooncakes. Showcase your creativity by adding art into these mooncakes! Jelly mooncakes consists of gelatine, also called agar agar locally, these desserts will be popular with people who shun away from traditional mooncakes as these are easy to eat and sure to be a crowd pleaser especially with young children who may not like mooncake pastes! We recommend that you watch the tutorial and "how-to" video before attempting to make these delightfully pleasing jelly mooncakes.
Bang Bang Chicken with Cold Noodles

Thermomix® Tutorials – Bang Bang Chicken with MasterChef Louise Yuan

Preparing meals for family members with different diets is not easy. With the Thermomix®, you can now prepare variations of familiar dishes for the whole family! Originally from Si Chuan China, this chicken salad is made with juicy tender shredded chicken covered with a savory, nutty, spicy sauce with a hint of tangy and sweet notes. Watch our host, Louise Yuan, as she shows you how to transform ✨Bang Bang Chicken in 2 ways✨ to be enjoyed by the whole family.
Lo Pak Go Thermomix Chinese radish cake

Chinese Radish Cake by Thermomix®

Steamed Radish Cake (Lo Pak Ko) is a staple in many dim sum stores and is one of our favourite dishes to order! With the aid of our Thermomix® Cutter, preparing the ingredients for this dish is as easy as 1 2 3! Get radishes grated in seconds. You can also pan fry the radish cake for dim sum style pan fried radish cake! Make variations using yam and pumpkin too!
Thermomix Singapore Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Easy Egg Fried Rice

Fried rice is a staple for Singaporeans. Do you know Thermomix® can help you prepare non-messy and less oily fried rice effortlessly? Conventional dishes cooked using a Thermomix® saves calories with less oil, salt and sugar while retaining full body flavours but requires less cleaning and washing up! Uncle Roger will surely approve our healthier fried rice that is uplifted by the fragrant shallot or garlic oil.
save when you make own baby's food with Thermomix

Save with Thermomix® when you make your own Baby Food

As parents, we want the best for our children. When w start them with the best food we can offer, it's also a good start to a lifetime of healthy eating and good health. Home made baby's food is easy when you have a multi-purpose kitchen cooker like the Thermomix® at home. The Thermomix® can help you prepare the food and stir the cooking in bulk portions, while you take a break from kid minding or tend to the little ones. Save time, money and effort with home-prepared baby's food as store bought baby's food can be costly and home cooked ones tiresome and time consuming.

Thermomix® Tutorials – Back to School Recipes with Mandy Kee!

Heading back to school can be a busy time for both students and parents, but having a Thermomix® can make meal preparation a lot easier! Watch our host, Mandy Kee show you how to make Beef Bulgogi that can be used in 4 different dishes! She will also be showing how to make nourishing Chicken Essence with the Thermomix®, the perfect booster for a long day. Homemade chicken essence is the ideal choice not just because it allows you to have complete control over the ingredients used, but also because it offers significant cost savings compared to store-bought alternatives.